• We recently did a newborn photo shoot with Anna, and she was fabulous! We were initially nervous because our 18 month old didn’t want to cooperate, but Anna managed to get him smiling and happy, and got so many wonderful shots. She was incredibly patient and did a wonderful job getting everyone into the right positions and taking the photos before the kids moved. Her passion for photography is clear through the level of detail and perfection in each shot. Our newborn wound up getting fussy during the photo shoot, but Anna managed to soothe him back to sleep each time. She got many wonderful pictures of him during the shoot, in different poses, on different backgrounds, etc. We received our photos today and WOW is the best word to describe them. Anna did such a thorough and fantastic job, and made sure we have plenty of great shots that we will surely cherish for years to come. I cannot say enough good things about Anna or her work – she is incredibly talented and I think anyone would be thrilled with her services and the final product.

    Maggie Burton -
  • Thanks to Anna, I have the most important moments of our baby’s first year captured forever. To me it is important that these professional quality images, unlike hundreds of snapshots we take all the time with our phones, are elegantly matched in style to one another to show the flow of main milestones of our son’s growth and development.

    Anna has cute clothes and beautiful props available, so she can create very stylish pictures. She knows how to handle newborns safely and gently and she entertains older babies to make them smile and look happy. You can just relax and rely on her imagination and experience.

    I highly recommend signing up for the baby’s first year plan to be sure that every important step in your baby’s development is captured at the right time and with the level of professionalism these milestones deserve.

    Diana Tolstyga -
  • What you captured in your incredible photo from last week of this nana with granddaughters Eliza and Cora, was more than an image. Your artistry revealed the unspeakable joy and gratitude that abides so very deep in my heart – from then until now. I will be eternally grateful you answered the call to pick up a camera to “shoot” babies. You have given our family a priceless moment to treasure forever. Thank you.

    May the joy you bring to others be multiplied for you and those most near and dear to you. And may you be so blessed when your children’s children rest in your arms.

    Carol Timiraos -
  • Anna, I will have you know that my husband, who is not all warm and fuzzy most of the time, called me today to tell me that every time he looks at that shot you got of Tyler and me, he gets goosebumps and that he just loves that picture. He said its his favorite picture of Tyler and me EVER!

    Shirley Pearson -
  • Whether working with newborns or older siblings, Anna has the talent to tailor her demeanor to the given subject. She was gentle and sweet with our newborn and knew just the right silly things to say to make our older kids giddy. Both approaches led to perfectly capturing the moment. That being said, her kind demeanor was an added bonus, as her true talent is evident in her photography; the way she was able to pick positions that were so endearing and just the right lighting to make the picture glow. It was a true joy for us, that Anna was able to capture one of the most precious moments in our lives!

    Elizabeth D. -
  • Thanks to Anna Aslund, I have beautiful pictures of my son that I will treasure for life! I was nervous about bringing a newborn to a photo shoot, would he cry? Sleep to much? Spit too much? But Anna instantly put my fears to rest. She knows how to “speak baby” and my son was at ease the whole time. She takes amazing photos so quickly; with her well-trained eye, just a few clicks and she has a masterpiece! Her talent and commitment are priceless and I am so happy to have her to help me capture these precious moments as they pass.

    Alanna Mensing -
  • I asked Anna to take photos as a baby gift for my sister. The photos were perfect. She captured the facial expressions, took into considerations the “natural look” that my sister preferred, took the time so it was a pleasurable experience for all. And I have wonderful photos of my new born niece that I will cherish forever.

    Justine Bernard -
  • Anna is the real professional! Our baby girl enjoyed photoshoot, she was very calm and felt comfortable! I think for mommies it’s one of the most important criteria to make sure that their baby is in hands of the master. Photoshoot itself was amazing, we chose “belly to baby combo” and now we have a beautiful album of the most precious memories!

    Aitan Bekkhozhina -

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