~ We take photographs as return tickets to the beautiful moments otherwise gone forever… ~

I love photographing kids of preschool age. During these formative years, kids change faster than they do later in life. We take hundreds of phone snapshots of our kids, but how many of them, if any, are frame worthy?

It is difficult to consistently and beautifully document kids’ growth and development, even for a photographer, while raising kids. I accumulated tens of thousands of excellent photos of my children over the years, yet I haven’t been planning my shoots, and it is now difficult to find matching images that flow in a visually pleasing way.

I encourage all parents to schedule a photo session with my studio for their kids, at least once a year, perhaps around their kid’s birthday, to document the changes that took place. It is just more meaningful this way: watching them grow and change, in comparison with the same toys and props, and to see what they learned to do. Many schools provide annual photo sessions for their students, but the years when the kids grow and develop faster than ever in their lives often pass without proper photo record. I know, I’ve been there myself, three times…

Parenting can be a joy and parenting can be hard. It is the most important and the most difficult job you will ever have. Reward yourself with beautiful images of your kids that will remind you every day about the joy of parenting. These images will charge you with loving energy for years to come. And when your children grow up, these photos will allow you to relive the most beautiful moments time and again. I am here to make it happen for you.

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