Considering Newborn Photography for the First Time

Why Newborn Photography?

Are you going back and forth about it? Is this your first child and you are too overwhelmed to even think about adding a newborn shoot to your endless “To Do” and “To Buy” lists? As a mother of three grown-up children and a professional newborn photographer, I urge you: at least do some research. Just ask around: you will be hard-pressed to find a “not worth it” response from parents who had their newborn photos taken by a qualified professional newborn photographer. I hear this time and again from my clients who come with their second or third child for their first newborn shoot: “…I was too overwhelmed with my first one, and I did not listen to a friend who encouraged me to book a newborn shoot. I decided not to miss this time, and to schedule a newborn session. I am so glad that I have!”  Take a look at what some of my clients say about their initial worries and doubts. You might find answers to some of your own.

What is the most important quality for a newborn photographer?

The first consideration every parent should have in mind when looking for a newborn photographer is safety. Newborn photography requires a wide range of skills and at least basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology and soothing techniques of fragile brand new babies. A properly trained newborn photographer spent hours upon hours studying and practicing under the one-on-one mentorship of the most experienced professionals in the field. Serious newborn photographers continue educating themselves and keep their vaccinations up to date. It is plain unsafe to touch and pose a newborn without going through such training first. Make sure a person you consider for your newborn session is well versed and sufficiently experienced in specifically newborn photography. Neither being a professional photographer nor being a mom or a nurse, qualifies anyone to be a newborn photographer.  Look for a specialist!

What about style and quality? How can I know that the photos will be worth it?

Search for a photographer who already does what you like. Quality and styles differ significantly between newborn photographers, so decide what is it that you are looking for.  Most of my clients come to my studio because they liked photos I created for their friends. Ask around and check out photographers’ portfolios. Do you prefer posed images with a baby’s little legs, arms and every tiny finger perfectly positioned to look their best? Then look for a photographer who shows this kind of images in the portfolio. Or maybe you’d rather capture your baby just the way you see her at home, discovering her tong, waving hands and legs, yawning and crying, with peeling skin, red blotches and all, perfect in her imperfection? Then look for somebody who offers on-location lifestyle newborn sessions. Love posed images, but feel that your perfectly decorated nursery deserves to be documented too? Ask photographers if they offer this kind of hybrid sessions. Like with any professional we chose, there is none that is perfect for everyone, yet for everyone, there is at least one perfect match.

We take photographs as return tickets to the beautiful moments otherwise gone forever… Professional photography will allow you to travel first class. You are your baby deserve it!

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