~ We take photographs as return tickets to the beautiful moments otherwise gone forever… Professional images allow us to travel first class. ~

Parenting can be a joy and parenting can be hard. It is the most important and the most difficult job you will ever have. Reward yourself with beautiful images of your kids that will remind you every day of the joy of parenting. These images will charge you with loving energy for years to come. And when your children grow up, these photos will allow you to relive the most beautiful moments time and again. I am here to make it happen for you.

Newborns and the first year are my favorite ages for photo sessions. During this short 12-month period, kids change faster than they do later in life, and it is exciting to document this year for parents. I schedule sessions to capture photos of the most important milestone steps babies make during their first year after I hear from parents that a milestone has been reached. The exact ages differ from baby to baby. I don’t try to photograph specific ages, instead, I create a visual record of the important stages of growth.

Tummy Time Sessions

Tummy Time sessions refer to the stage when babies learn to push up from the floor and hold this pose for a little bit. This normally happens when a baby is between 4- and 5- months old. Those are some of the cutest images! I use special techniques to be able to capture unique for each baby, yet typical for this age expression of wonder and amazement with the big world they begin to see from a new perspective.

Sitter Sessions

The sitter sessions take place when babies are 7- or 8-months old and can confidently sit without support. This is such a lovely and smiley age! Sitting independently is a huge accomplishment for your baby, and it makes a big difference for photographs. I recommend scheduling a sitter session as soon as your baby can sit. After babies learn to crawl, around 8-9 months of age, it is a challenge to hold them in place for a good photo.

On My Own Feet Sessions

By the time babies approach their first birthday, they learn so many things that they are barely babies anymore. Most are trying to walk and stand up without support, like big kids. This is a major development for your whole family. There are many ways we can style this important milestone session. I listen to each family and tailor their session according to the way they dream it up.

Baby’s first-year sessions take place in my comfy home studio, in Washington, DC, not far from the Cleveland Park Metro station. Babies are usually happier in the morning, after their first nap. I schedule most milestone sessions for 10:00-11: 00 AM. That said, every baby is different, and I always try to plan a session according to what I learn from parents about their child’s unique schedule and character.

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